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When you clean the instrument panel in your car there are a number of simple tips to follow to make sure you don’t do damage.  A drenching spray of Windex is not one of them!


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Nothing beats the shine produced by well polished chrome wheels. Following some simple tips and one bonus tip will keep your chrome wheels mirror shined.

An important part of proper car care is keeping the wheels clean and free from brake dust and road grime.

Rinse your wheels with clean water. Use a hose with a sprayer attachment for the best results.

Sponge-clean the wheels with a mixture of auto shampoo and water. I recommend a highly rated product like Carnu-B Conditioning Auto Shampoo™

Rinse the wheels again with clean water.

Once the chrome on your wheel is sufficiently clean you’re ready to polish. Again I like Carnu-B products. There Carnu-B Metal Shine™ will do a great job.

After polishing buff to bring out the shine.

Now the bonus tip! A step that many people leave out when they detail their chrome wheels is to apply a thin layer of wax. Dust and dirt will stick to the wax instead of the wheel, making future cleanings easier.

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